Privacy Policy

Candy Chat is the most responsible of its kind platform for dating purpose. Being a renowned platform, we are very much responsible for keeping your privacy at the safest hand. Irrespective of the features we add or the segment we add with our platform, we make sure that there is enough arrangement for privacy protection. The trust of the users matters the most for us, and we are devoted towards maintaining the same for it. The data we collect is for the sole purpose of running the platform smoothly. We guarantee that the same information is not going to be used for commercial purpose in any way. In fact, we don’t even use such details for any of our own purposes, except for the smooth functioning and development of the site. Candy Chat as a dating platform is known for the transparency it maintains. Each data processing on our platform is handled in a very apparent fashion; without involving any secrecy. Moreover, we have the safest security standard to keep your information safest. Our privacy policy is very much applied for each segment of Candy Chat that we deal with. In short, be it about the site or the app, or the additional services, including the events we conduct, the privacy policy is applied everywhere. This means the data you provide at these places remains in safe hands of us. You can thus feel free to provide the requisite information at these points. In fact, making things the most transparent, we have added the shortcut to the ‘privacy policy’ section along with each service segment. We are always motivated to expand our family to the maximum extent. But, at the same time, we are very much serious about ensuring that every user we add is well concerned about the platform we are, or the way we operate. Hence, we encourage that everyone should go through the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section, along with the ‘Privacy Policy’ section’ prior installing or app, or registering over our website. In some cases, we may require additional privacy policies. We notify the user prior making any of such changes.